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Before & After: Thomas

Facial rejuvenation is not just for women, men can benefit greatly from a facial session. And it doesn't have to be about rolling back the years, it can be for looking rested and feeling refreshed.

Recently I treated Thomas, who had a bout of sun exposure, which created a bit of an uneven complexion - a little dry patch on the forehead, oiliness in the T-zone, and a bit of dry skin where the damage began to heal. It's amazing what one day in the sun can do!

Overall Thomas has well maintained skin, but there was much to be gained with a treatment. Thomas had some recent sun exposure, as you can see on the left image. On the right, after, his skin is more even (nose is still healing from sunburn), eyes are brightened, and complexion is refreshed, youthful and hydrated.

His personalized treatment began with constitutional points - acupuncture points on the body to encourage balance, unblocking stagnation, and encourage blood flow and circulation. It's a chance for him to relax and restore.

For his face, I cleansed his skin with a gentle botanical oil cleanser from Kindred Skincare and a warm steam cloth. I applied a mask to very gently exfoliate. With fig seeds and willow bark - no harsh chemicals or friction on his sun exposed skin. I applied tiny acupuncture needles to his face to encourage blood flow to different meridians and areas needing attention. I finished the skincare portion with a clay mask to further alleviate his symptoms from the sun and to balance oil and dryness, and cleanse the pores.

Once this portion was complete, he relaxed through a session of very gentle facial gua sha. This made a huge impact in creating a healthy glow, and shifting stagnant fluids. We often don't realize how much fluids and lymph can gather in areas of our face like the cheeks or jawline. This is often alleviated in the physician's office with fillers above the area, such as under the eyes, the nasolabial folds or smile lines, with a face lift or laser to tighten, and injections to melt chin fat. I suggest you see what can be accomplished with the techniques of acupuncture, gua sha and cupping targeting facial rejuvenation before you go the route of more invasive procedures - you might be surprised!

Notice the change in Thomas's complexion - more even, with oil and dryness balanced. His eyes have opened up and are quite bright - we call this 'shen' in the eyes. His nasolabial folds are minimized, and his face is youthfully contoured. His nose still shows signs of the sun, but we talked about SPF as well. Ongoing, we'll explore a skincare routine to maximize balance in his skin. This was all in a little over one hour! Thomas was happy with the outcome, see his comments below.

Stay tuned for more before and afters :)


I enthusiastically recommend Brooke to anyone looking for a safe, holistic approach to caring for their complexion.

Brooke’s facial acupuncture treatments are amazing! I had one recently thinking I looked fine to begin with. The treatment was throughly refreshing, and my face felt much better afterward. The change in my appearance was very surprising! The before and after pictures showed areas of red and darkness that brightened up, and puffy areas looked more firm and healthy. Brooke is courteous, professional, and very fun to work with! I enthusiastically recommend Brooke to anyone looking for a safe, holistic approach to caring for their complexion.

~Thomas N


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