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We've combined three sessions geared towards all the ways we are affected by summer heat, including changes in the skin like dryness, dehydration, redness, congestion, plus less than ideal mood (hello irritability, anxiety!), to feeling heavy, foggy thinking, and less motivated in general.

Here's the breakdown of the SUMMER 2020 bundle!

1. Recovery Facial by The Road

with Complimentary Chilled Sculpting Technique


Optimize barrier function for healthy skin, especially in the summer months or with hormone changes. Clarity and healing comes from an infusion of pro/prebiotics, hemp extracts, and ingredients refined from centuries of use for healing skin challenges. Soothes, hydrates, calms sensitivities, heals.

Perfect to recalibrate for summer.

2. Heat & Mood Cupping & Guasha Session

with Customized Cooling Herbal Tincture Shot


Cupping and guasha have been used by many cultures for centuries to 'vent' or release heat trapped in the superficial layers of the skin and fascia. Cupping can be applied to localized areas, usually 'sliding' to relieve muscle tension, creating space for blood flow to relieve pain and stiffness. Guasha is usually applied to the upper regions of the shoulders, neck and upper back along the muscle lines from insertion to attachment, relieving built up stagnation in these areas. The strokes work the fascia and underlying tissue (they don't hurt but you definitely feel it!), bringing up a unique type of petechia to vent this stagnation, and these marks heal over a few days. This method is also often used to prevent a cold from worsening in its early stages. Benefits from both are tension relief, and a lessoning of anxiousness. Take care of your 'marks' by resting, staying out of water for 24 hours (soaks), and staying covered. Your practitioner will offer a similar alternative if this is not suitable for you, your skin or current health condition.

3. Cosmetic Acupuncture at The Road

with Complimentary Cooling Sheet Mask


The esthetic acupuncture session that treats you inside out, head to toe, with sculpting facial massage, cosmetic acu, and a cooling sheet mask to reduce inflammation. Skin is soothed and hydrated, redness reduced. Not to mention a reset for all the stressors while you're at it. The OMAD sheet masks have been a huge favorite, and the sculpting pack is coming back, just in time for summer!

Regularly $540

Bundle $489


Your Cupping/Guasha session is upstairs at The Desert Canary, so you will need to book this separately.

We are here to help you with this! You can reach out to me at with your preferred date/time, or, you can book directly by clicking HERE, and entering SUMMER in the notes upon choosing your time/day.

We look forward to seeing you soon,



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