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Part of what makes the Signature Experience at The Road a powerfully effective holistic facial treatment is harnessing the benefits of “Intelligent Microcurrent.” This is not your average microcurrent, rather it relies on biofeedback to constantly adapt to your unique cell health. 

Here’s how, in science-y terms (stay with us, this is amazing):

This computer based technology utilizes a proprietary ‘carrier wave’ that assesses the electro-potential damage of the tissue. The computer makes ongoing calculations of tissue resistance and regulates the waveform microcurrent output to provide the best treatment, based on the information it receives. This allows the tissue to be balanced at the cellular level and puts the autonomic nervous system at rest which is an environment required by the body to heal or repair itself. 

The device’s frequencies can also be adjusted for specific known healing protocols such as acne, lymphatic, bruising, scars, pigmentation, and wrinkles - we alternate as needed between positive, negative, alternating, with specific intensities accordingly. We are also moving the chosen probes to best effect for the concern being addressed.

This is not to be confused with the type of microcurrent often associated with acupuncture or physical therapy (usually as a set of lead wires and alligator clips attached to inserted needles or stick-on pads) - this is interferential constant current rather than variable current based on feedback, also known as ‘estim’. We do this as well, but it's not ideal for the face as it tends to overdo the areas of the nerves - more is not always better.

Most devices for treating skincare have settings pre-programmed into them, so you might choose 'wrinkles' or 'lift' and follow the protocol - the machine will provide the frequency that works most often for wrinkles as the device is moved over the area. This usually works by firing the cells up and by stimulating the belly of the muscle to strengthen (trendy now to see pads on the face, firing muscles/twitch response). However, most of the devices are one way - they are not reading the soft tissue of the patient and adjusting accordingly. So the machine is treating based on an assumption of the health or condition of the skin and underlying muscle and has limited ability to treat multiple types of skin conditions like adhesions or scar tissue.

The difference then, is in our intention. At The Road, we are working to optimize ALL cellular functions that we have access to with microcurrent - skin hydration, trans-epidermal water loss due to sun damage, discoloration, vascularities, loss of tone, tension, and shortening of muscle tissue, breakouts/bacteria, lymphatics, fascia, and more.

The treatment of microcurrent should be a 'whisper' to the cells, assisting the cell in holding a charge through the ATP, effectively assisting the mitochondria to do their job. It is not meant to be felt to the point of discomfort - in fact, if you feel discomfort, you are not healing.

Most devices on the market are bundled with more skincare-focused add-ons that might include ablation of the skin or high frequency and so on. Alternatively, my quest was to invest in a device that has the ability to treat the entire person from head to toe, for all kinds of complaints, including pain, tight muscles, scar tissue, adhesions, and more. While I love treating the skin, a large number of my patients have other chief complaints or pain as a secondary complaint. The loop or feedback of the machine then becomes even more important to me in order to most efficiently and effectively treat a patient. 

Another type of treatment on the market is frequency-specific microcurrent or FSM. The reason I did not choose this type of machine is it can take multiple sessions of trial and error to find what that particular patient will respond to, rather than letting the machine read the resistance and adjust accordingly. 

Another critical use of microcurrent in my clinic is with a smaller device engineered for the frequencies that help with pain and anxiety. Small clips attach to the ears to assist in moving the brain into Theta state - this is the wavelength where most cellular healing takes place. If we are already not optimizing the access to this state due to poor sleep, we can get stuck in a pain cycle, or fight or flight. The use of these clips help us gently move into a healing state, we notice a subtle shift, ability to relax. It only takes ten minutes, along with pink noise, to create this beneficial shift. 

Because of the results for the skin, we often have pre and post-surgical patients referred to us to help them prepare for their procedure or help wounds heal smoothly. See below for more conditions that Intelligent Microcurrent might help with. 

How to incorporate? 

This treatment is part of our Signature Experience at The Road; most patients will have this applied during this session, especially targeting their area of concern. We have a second device at The Desert Canary for the body applications as well.

Pair with Red Light Therapy to create synergy for the effects on the ATP and mitochondria - this is complementary during the Signature Experience and by appointment upstairs at The Desert Canary in our full body booth. 

Will results last? Results from this treatment ongoing will build on itself, holding the progress (monthly is maintenance, more often to work with certain conditions, then monthly). This is one of the most sought-after additions to any of our treatments - no one wants to skip this!

How to improve results? Fulvic with Ocean Minerals  (from Zuma Nutritionals, see our store) is thought to help the cells hold the charge from microcurrent, as well as eating foods like greens to assist in healthy cellular activity. Also, drink plenty of water with minerals or electrolytes leading up to treatment day - cells need water to assist communication. 

Does a home device work? 

Yes, they do, mostly for toning the face, and some brightening (according to reviews). It will take a little longer to see results, and you should keep this up to maintain results. Do not do more often than recommended - this can tax the nerves in the face, causing the skin to sag. NuFace and ZIIP are both good, I have had both, I currently like ZIIP because it syncs with an app on my phone and changes the output according to the area being treated, and a video shows you where to maneuver. The NuFace feels nice ergonomically, as well.

I hope this helps you understand the care we’ve taken in choosing the devices we use in our practice, and why our Intelligent Microcurrent can make a huge difference in creating resilient skin with a healthy barrier function. See the full list of benefits below.

See you soon,


Link to book Signature Experience with Brooke or Margaret at The Road: BOOK

Here are some conditions treated in our clinic:



Sun damage 


Dry skin

Red spots


Puffy face/neck

Scar tissue, acute/old



Broken capillaries

Puffy eyes

Dark circles 

Malar edema or furuncles

Loss of tone/sagging

Some cases of eczema/psoriasis


Pain - diffuse, muscular

Scar tissue and adhesions 

Joint pain, arthritis

TMJ, jaw tension



Nerve pain

Lymphatic drainage




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