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Stephanie Gerry dropped in to my studio to explore the Chinese medicine modality of cupping and its benefits for your health. We covered some ground in a couple of minutes time, but here's a summary in case you're curious to explore this technique for your issues.

Cupping became a bit more well known when Olympians were walking around with purple-ish circles on their backs, talking about how this centuries old therapy was helping them maintain optimal performance in the pool and beyond. Well known celebrities have been spotted with the tell-tale marks as well, sparking conversation.

The cups come in a variety of styles - glass, silicone, plastic, ceramic, and they are placed on the body in such a way as to create a vacuum - suction pulls tissue up into the cup creating decompression (as opposed to the compression of massage). This decompression creates space in the tissues, drawing up fresh blood where circulation might be poor, and helping to release tight muscles and fascia. The cups can be stationary or moved across the area to lift in sliding cupping. This increased circulation helps remove inflammation and stagnation to speed healing.

Does it hurt? It depends! Some people love the way this feels, others feel a bit of soreness in the area, which fades over the next day or so. The marks vary according to the underlying condition where cupped. Acupuncturists look at the marks to gain more information about what is happening in the area - excess, stagnation, heat, deficiency and so on. This can also help inform the rest of your treatment. The marks can fade in a day or two, or a week or more in some cases.

Who is it for? Those with stiffness, muscle aches and tightness, and even those with a stubborn cold or cough. We can use gently cupping on the abdomen to release adhesions, or even help with constipation. We also use cupping on the backs of the legs as part of a treatment for cellulite. I also use special cups made for the face and neck area to gently move lymphatic fluids and bring fresh blood to the muscles, creating a more youthful glow.

Check out the video for more, or give me a call to see if cupping is right for you!



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