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Amethyst is a spiritual stone that stills the mind, provides a sense of serenity and eases you into a meditative state. Derived from the Greek word ametusthos—which means “not intoxicated”—amethyst prevents overindulgence and removes destructive thoughts.


It helps you remain clear and centered while dispelling negative energy and enhancing wisdom and understanding. As a supportive stone, it brings emotional balance and assists in stronger decision-making.


Amethyst aligns with the crown chakra and represents consciousness, bringing you a greater sense of enlightenment, mindfulness and spirituality.


Help calm your mind, relieve anxiety,  and put your worries at ease with our Calming Stones Collection.  

These smooth tumbled natural gemstones have a special indentation in the center of the oval shaped stone, gently rub with your thumb and fingers to achieve a calming effect.

Reduce stress, relax, achieve a more peaceful state of mind and feel serene with the M+M Amethyst Calming Stone in the palm of your hand.


Dimensions:  2” x 1.5” Oval Shaped calming stone


*Calming stone comes in an organza pouch with coordinating calming stone card

Serenity: Amethyst Calming Stone

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