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Mold exposure is much more common than most people think, and is often overlooked as a health concern. As a result, many people live with the effects of mold and mycotoxins in their body and aren't even aware of it. When mold toxins build up in the body and aren't properly addressed, they can put long-term strain on our health. This can lead to lingering health issues like constant fatigue, mental fog, and unexplained allergies, potentially lasting for years.


Through the extraction of key ingredients, our Mold & Mycotoxin Cleanse Tonic may help to eliminate the build-up of molds and mycotoxinsin the body.† Our formula uses a therapeutic extraction process that is able to concentrate the active ingredients into a therapeutic liquid extract that is significantly more potent than regular tea powders or capsules.


The high-quality active ingredient extracts in our Mold & Mycotoxin Cleanse Tonic are completely water soluble to optimize absorption.† All of the ingredients in this formula are only harvested when they are at their peak level of potency. This ensures that the active ingredients are as strong and effective as possible.


$39.00 Regular Price
$35.10Sale Price
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