Potential Benefits

Reduces the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Enhances Skin Nourishment, Cell Renewal, Recovery, and Hydration Levels
Rejuvenates the Skin and Boosts Skin Luminosity


Our Zuma Nutrition Moisturize & Repair Night Cream is a rejuvenating and antioxidant night cream that features an emollient delivery system that delivers these cellular nourishing nutrients beyond the surface layer of skin and deep into the dermis. This moisturizer hydrates and nourishes the dermis while boosting skin luminosity, giving you a younger and rejuvenated look after a restful night’s sleep. Emollients are non-cosmetic moisturizers that have the incredible ability to infuse the dermis, going much deeper than oil based formulas. This nourishing antioxidant night cream is rich in natural extracts and essential oils, giving it great anti-aging properties and making it an ideal restorative face moisturizer for your evening skincare routine. Say hello to rejuvenated skin, with a cream that neutralizes free radicals, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.



  • 100 Servings per Container
    Directions: On clean skin, apply generously to face and neck with light, upward strokes immediately after cleansing. Wait for cream to absorb before applying additional products. Use once or twice daily.