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The lymphatic system is one of your body's primary detoxification pathways. It removes toxins, waste and pathogens from your blood and helps to eliminate them from your body.

Poor diet, overexposure to toxins, lack of sleep, dehydration, stress, and a lack of movement can lead to a sluggish lymphatic system.

If the lymphatic system is sluggish, the immune system is compromised. Toxins build up in the body. The body’s organs and tissues get inflamed, which can lead to a cascade of health issues.


The lymphatic system depends on other things to help it drain like movement, deep breathing, diet, and herbs. Through the extraction of well researched herbs, our Lymphatic Detox Tonic may help to promote lymphatic drainage, help clear blockages in the lymphatic system, and support the removal of waste and toxins from the body.† Our formula uses a therapeutic extraction process that is able to concentrate the active ingredients into a therapeutic liquid extract that is significantly more potent than other solutions like tea, powders or capsules.


The high quality active ingredient extracts in our Lymphatic Detox Tonic are completely water soluble, so they’re absorbed immediately in the bloodstream and not lost in the digestive tract.

All of the herbs in this formula are only harvested when they are at their peak level of potency. This ensures that the active ingredients are as strong and effective as possible. Plus they are free of pesticides, preservatives, chemical fillers, and genetically modified ingredients.




    Figwort Root

    Cayenne Pepper 

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