A classic tool inspired by Chinese medicine to improve the condition of the skin. It has been shown that regularly gently rolling the tool over the neck and face can help move lymphatic fluid, increase circulation, and improve tone in the skin. 


Try chilling the tool to sooth inflammation and reduce heat and redness in the skin. The smaller side is perfect for the delicate eye area. 


Offered in two styles - with both sides smooth, or with one side 'bumpy'. This textured roller is more suited for those using the roller in areas needing more pressure such as scar tissue or adhesions, or to stimulate the skin prior to applying a serum to improve absorption. 


If your skin is thin or delicate, choose the smooth roller. 


Begin at the neck, moving outwards, upwards, and continue to work up and out, then flush down and out. You will be working out and down in slower strokes when attempting to move fluids from the face and eye area. You can apply more pressure over muscle such as the jaw area (use smaller back and forth strokes), or the sterno cleido mastoid. 


Jade Roller