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Perfect for gifting this season's host with the most, for the health-conscious stocking stuffer, or for crafting a signature holiday mocktail.


Try a little bit of each JÜJ flavor in your bevvy!


Cranbiscus Digestive Bitters (1oz)

Our red polyphenol-dense flavor that’s best for gut repair and boosting healthy gut-bacteria.


Lemon Digestive Bitters (1oz)

Our liver-support-focused flavor that’s best for general digestive and blood sugar support as well as stocked with liver detoxification herbs.

PS: This one is slightly sweet and earthy, this one is Meg's go-to for supporting her body when eating out or traveling.


Orange Digestive Bitters (1oz)

Our original digestive bitters. Best for optimizing overall digestion, especially if you struggle with acid reflux, bloating, constipation or blood sugar imbalances.


JÜJ Bitters 3 Sample Pack

  • Cranbiscus Digestive Bitters (1oz)

    Water, alcohol, lemongrass*, cranberries, hibiscus flower*, orange peel*, mace*, gentian root*, dandelion root*, licorice root**Organic ingredient

    Lemon Digestive Bitters (1oz)

    Water, alcohol, lemon peel*, dandelion root*, milk thistle*, burdock root*, Manuka honey*, gentian root*, yellow dock root*, turmeric*, artichoke leaf*
    *Organic ingredient

    Orange Digestive Bitters (1oz)

    Water, alcohol, orange peel*, grapefruit peel*, quassia bark*, ginger root*, gentian root*, coriander seed*, cardamom seed*, caraway seed*, fennel seed*, star anise*, clove*
    *Organic ingredient

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