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Hand Batched in Austin, Texas for The Road


Set an intention for the moment, relax, and mindfully enjoy the space and energy clearing effects of the gentle smoke. 



Incense by The Road

  • The cones have pure plant ingredients, dried to perfection for use in incense. Does not contain chemicals or toxic filler. Ingredients vary from cone to cone, but might include: 

    sandalwood, sage, pinyon, frankincense, palo santo, copal, rose, trementia resin, nag champa, jasmine, mugwort, woods, flowers, resins

  • Choose a cone, place on a heat proof surface, and light the tip. Place where the gentle smoke and aroma can disperse. If using to cleanse, open a window or door while burning. 

    The cones have natural resins, when burned these will leave a mark as they are concentrated to the one area where burning. Choose a fire proof/heat proof surface such as ceramic or clay. 

    Cones will burn for about 10 to 20 minutes; you can burn for a few minutes and gently extinguish, relighting when desired. Make sure to extinguish before discarding. 



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