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A set of two facial cups for creating a healty glow and sculpted face. 


Cups create suction to decompress -  lift fascia, tissue and muscle, creating space, moving fluid, improving circulation, and relieving muscle tension.  


Options for learning to use properly for maximum benefit: 

In person, with any other regular treatment in studio, no charge

Virtual session, email post purchase to book a time (not listed on website, you will be sent a link to book), $30


Recommended use: 

Cleanse skin

Apply a light application of oil, such as Kindred Morning Moisture or Nightly Nourish

Gently apply suction in a squeeze/release motion, gently moving the cup along - from inner to outer areas - do not leave the cup in one spot or it will potentially mark the skin! 


Do not use over broken skin, broken/swollen capillaries, or other compromised skin

Do not share cups with others unless sanitizing between use

Wash with soap and water - avoid getting water up into ball of cup


Set of 2 white cups (glass)

Virtual session booked separately, $30 (email to book)

In person session with regular treatment, no charge

Facial Cups

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