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Eucommia Bark - Sugar Bag Honey Pearls are like nothing else.

This Eucommia bark is prepared by a legendary herbal processing master in Taiwan.

The techniques have been kept secret by his lineage for generations.

Eucommia bark must be prepared with the correct amounts of brine water and cooked at a particular temperature for a particular time period in order to generate the properties attributed to this amazing herb.

At Empirical Health we have married this Eucommia Bark with a Australian Native Bee Honey, called 'Sugar Bag Honey' by Ingenuous Australians to create a truly unique formula never before seen.



Empirical Honey Pearls: Eucommia Bark

  • Cortex Eucommiae (Du Zhong (Yan Chao))
    Mel (Sugar Bag Honey)

    * Contains Certified Organic Ingredients

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