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Astragalus and Goji Berry Honey Pearls - Huang Qi and Gou Qi

These nutritionally-rich honey pearls comprise a balanced blend of powerful herbs.

This formulation blends premium Australian Certified Organic Honey with Certified Organic Astragalus and Goji Berry to create an exceptionally potent formula. Combining two of the world's most cherished superfoods, this natural health supplement promotes energy, vitality, and overall well-being.


Our honey pearls are raw, unique, and based on a 2000 year old preparation method that optimises the absorption of herbal medicine. By making our formulas into Honey Pearls, the active constituents of the ingredients are absorbed slowly and gradually over time, making them highly bioavailable and slow to release. The strength of our formulas is therefore in the delivery. We call this real deal herbalism!  

Empirical Honey Pearls: Astragalus + Gou Ji Berry

  • Radix Astragali (Huang Qi)
    Fructus Lycii (Gou Qi Zi - Goji Berry)
    Feng Mi (Honey)

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