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Promotes confidence


Red tiger's eye is a stimulating stone that provides inspiration, motivation and a greater sense of energy. Also known as dragon's eye—due to its deep red and black bands—it is a form of tiger's eye that builds confidence and self-esteem.


It helps you approach projects, tasks and relationships with passion, while enhancing your willpower and creativity. As a grounding stone, it connects you to the earth, aids in self-preservation, and keeps you centered amidst challenges or chaos.

Help calm your mind, relieve anxiety, and put your worries at ease with our Calming Stones Collection.  

These smooth tumbled natural gemstones have a special indentation in the center of the oval shaped stone, gently rub with your thumb and fingers to achieve a calming effect.

Reduce stress, relax, achieve a more peaceful state of mind and feel more courageous with the power of the M+M Tiger's Eye Calming Stone in the 
palm of your hand.




Dimensions:  2” x 1.5” oval shaped calming stone


*Calming stones come in an organza pouch with coordinating calming stone card

Courage: Tiger's Eye Calming Stone

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