Our popular Bâton is now available in a colorful stick that can be used on face and body.  Mineral powder adds a little color and shimmer to cheeks, lips, brow bone/lids...anywhere you'd like a little extra glow or tint. Highly nourishing botanicals and lightweight mango butter allow for a smooth application, this won't dry the skin out or make lines more apparent.


1oz baton


Top Row: Peche, d’Or
Bottom Row: Violet, Vin, Rosé

Bâton de Couleur

  • Swipe onto skin or lips with fingertips, then blend in, applying more as needed to achieve your perfect glow. Allow to 'set' to avoid getting on clothes. 

    Take care to avoid melting in high heat! Store in a cool dry area.

    Other Uses:
    – Swipe this rich color onto your lids as an eye shadow.
    – Use the D'Or as a body highlight

    This product is vegan and pregnancy-safe.

  • Ingredients (all organic):
    Mango butter, Evening primrose oil, Calendula oil, Rose geranium oil, and Mineral powder.