Body Bâton is a healing, go-anywhere moisturizer. The solid, push-up applicator provides an easy way to nourish hands and body, especially on the go. To hydrate, apply, and work into the area thoroughly. Apply to lips, elbow, knees, or anywhere you need a quick-absorbing moisturizer.


Body Bâton’s compact size makes it the perfect addition to your desk, purse, bedside table, sink. 


Body Bâton comes in several aromas, all using organic essential oils. Peppermint is cooling and helps focus, Lavender is soothing, Woods is calming, and Tangerine & Clove is uplifting. Enjoy!

Body Baton

  • Other Uses:
    – Moisturizes lips, cuticles, and heels  
    – Soothes baby eczema

    Keep out of the sun or heat to avoid melting, replace cap when not in use. 

    Vegan, pregnancy safe

  • Ingredients (all organic):
    Beeswax*, Mango butter, Lavender oil, Evening primrose oil, Calendula oil, and Arnica oil.

    *We use beeswax from Kindred Skincare family bees and, as always, we are cruelty-free.