Gemstone masks to cool, release stress, and eye tension and reduce puffiness. In three healing stone options, rest the mask across the eyes and take a few minutes to 'let go'. The weight acts as a cue to release anxiety, much like a weighted blanket, encouraging a meditative state of relaxation. 


Cool prior to use in the fridge for a luxurious feel to de-puff the face and eyes and calm the capillaries. Use over a sheet mask or other healing/hydrating mask. 


Amethyst: As a stone of peace, Amethyst clears your energy of any tension, worry, or stress so you can get back to a calm state of being. The Amethyst properties are enhanced by the weight of the eye mask, grounding your energy and helping you to just be. Amethyst is thought to be great for anti-aging.


Rose Quartz: The gemstone of 'love', and in this case, increasing self-esteem and reducing stress. Calm and cool redness and inflammation by storing in the fridge and applying over a soothing serum or face mask. 


Serpentine 'jade': this is not jade in the sense that it's a semi -precious gemstone, that would be one expensive eye mask! Real jade is of two types, jadeite (from Myanmar), or nephrite (from China,) which are becoming less sustainable. Otherwise, there are a multitude of ways the word 'jade' is applied, including serpentine, californite, and many more. This mask bridges the gap providing beautiful and cooling alternative, with more open spaces to provie a lighter weight experience. Perfect to pop in the fridge and cool inflammation, and help detox tired puffy eyes. 

Gemstone Eye Mask