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When people think of yoga, they think of 'doing' yoga, the movement, the flow of poses. Yoga Nidra on the other hand produces a unique form of movement - internal shifts - found in stillness.

A highly accessible form of guided 'sleep' meditation, Yoga Nidra offers rejuvenation to every system in the body. The paradox of each session is the deepening practice of moving through different stages of wakefulness and sleep brainwave patterns. Some of these brain patterns are associated with much needed deep rest and repair. A lot of us are not accessing this restorative sleep phase as easily these days, and a lack of necessary repair can manifest as fatigue, anxiety, and malaise.

Yoga Nidra excels at shifting into relief from stressors through non-doing, but there's so much more it can tap into even in your first session.

The practice helps with recovery from burnout, toxic stress, poor sleep, overwhelm, irritability and stuck energy and emotional patterns.

The practice itself looks like this: lie comfortably on your mat, fully supported with props, enjoying stillness (don't worry, you'll get there). Tune in to the voice of your teacher as she guides you on the path to a calm body and mind while awakening your consiousness and awareness. You'll discover what it is like to be still, but fully awake and aware, coming full circle with calm energy.

Keeping in alignment with all things Chinese medicine, these unique sessions will explore integration of the five elements, awareness of qi in the meridians accordingly - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. You will dynamically move through the seasons and their corresponding element, channel, and organs to balance challenges they present.

This practice through The Desert Canary and The Road invites you to gather with an intimate community to breathe, to be in non-doing, to nourish and regenerate your body, mind and spirit for an hour in the evening.

Classes are lead by Dr. Vanessa Huffman, DACM, LAc, LMT, RYT. Vanessa is a highly valued practitioner at The Desert Canary, where she focuses on regulating the nervous system through Chinese medicine to improve quality of life around digestion, sleep, anxiety/stress, pain, and overall health challenges.


Where: 4130 Spicewood Springs Road, Suite 101

When: Mondays, 7pm

What to Bring: yoga mat (one can be provided if you need one)

For Whom: anyone looking for a way to tap into their own healing

Maximum of 6 people, inquire about private groups.

Dress comfy, bring water if you like.

We'll provide props/pillows, eye pads, serenity

Explore the other healing sessions available at The Desert Canary at

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