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Post Olympic coverage, the ladies were back to live in studio talking about their adventures while off the air. Stephanie Gilbert came to see Brooke at The Road for an experience of updated treatments on the menu.

One of the most popular treatments is the Facial Sculpting Technique. The protocol created by Yakov Gershkovich includes a specific massage technique to help affect the muscles and tissues and all levels and layers to rejuvenate the face and skin. Many seek this out for relief from facial tension, especially in the jaw area. While one treatment creates a shift, a few treatments maximize results. See Stephanie's blog post of her recent experiences at The Road here: A BLISSFUL WAY TO SCULPT YOUR FACE

To hear what Stephanie has to say about her own experience, check out her and Rosie's conversation on a recent episode of Studio 512. .

Thanks to Stephanie for letting us peep into her experience!



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