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Sometimes someone comes along that makes you realize you need to create a space for them on your team because they will bring great benefit to your clients, filling a nagging gap you know you have. I knew we had a need for someone that can spend more time with our clients educating them about what skincare is best for them, how to navigate seasonal changes and trouble shoot issues. When I met Shaelin, I knew her passion and experience was the perfect fit for The Road team. So we created a brand new zen space upstairs for her to share her expertise with you.

While myself and Margaret are peering into your care holistically through the lens of Chinese medicine, we do not always have time to focus solely on the function of your skin through the eyes of an esthetician - the way your healing skin works with active ingredients in the hands of a skilled practitioner. Someone to take the time to consider how to streamline and customize for maximum results with home care.

I would encourage you to make time to see what regular facials can do for your skin barrier and health - creating resiliency, vibrance, and balance. I spent years in this niche as an educator and brand manager for a global skincare line, I would never underestimate the power of using the right products at the right time of your skin's journey.

We hope you'll rely on Shaelin for all those aspects that are not the best use of our scope in acupuncture - think proper exfoliation, analysis, and prescriptions. Sometimes, you should come in a tad more often to clear up an issue, and other times, it is awesome to alternate cosmetic acu with a great facial.

We are both so excited to have Shaelin to rely on to provide this extended skincare. You will find a lot of crossover in our skills for continuity, including the world famous Facial Sculpting by Yakov Gershkovich, and our renowned microcurrent treatments - the results are unsurpassed in bringing about long lasting positive change in the structure and behavior of the skin. Highly impactful guasha where needed as well.

I take advantage of a variety of facial treatments all over the US & world, it's part of my work. The facial I had with Shaelin was a superior experience, my skin looks the best it ever has. ~Lisa Reile, The Reilist

She also has specialized skills guiding patients through your skincare journey around changes in hormones causing breakouts. Such as those coming off of medications or especially birth control. You can also learn from Shaelin how to do your at home guasha with a session, something that can help you improve your results by correcting pressure and direction.

Below are the facials we have curated for you at The Road.

Welcome Shaelin, and we look forward to seeing you soon!





VENN Skincare of South Korea, Signature Treatment by The Road*

Patented and award winning skincare by VENN of S Korea for the ultimate reset and long term advantage for aging well. Opens with lymphatic movement, then lifting/sculpting of the underlying scaffolding, followed by the VENN protocol for rejuvenating the skin. Customized healing frequencies ensure long lasting results.

Your experience will utilize all aspects of the streamlined results driven range: cleanse, exfoliation, masks, serums, and award winning fermented oil blends plus microcurrent.

*highly recommend

75mins, $295



Optimize barrier function for healthy skin, especially in the summer months or with hormone changes. Clarity and healing comes from an infusion of pro/prebiotics, hemp extracts, and ingredients refined from centuries of use for healing skin challenges. Soothes, hydrates, calms sensitivities, heals.

We recommend this facial for those with imbalances, redness, inflammation, breakouts.

60mins, $190



Created because sometimes you just need a quick zhoosh to look your best. Fast but focused for purifying, sculpting, hydrating and brightening. Customized to the individual, perfect for monthly consistency around your skin health goals.

Shoot for a standing happy hour spot on the calendar, or a little lunch break refresh once a month.

30mins, $90



Optimize the flow of the lymphatic system to improve the health of the skin from the inside out. Rhythmic compression and gentle stretching of the fascia create space to allow free flow, refreshing the circulation to improve skin tone, clarity, and remove excess fluids.

For those who know the perfect combination of skincare with lymphatic is the way to clear, depuffed skin that glows. Combined with hands on sculpting techniques, rediscover your youthful facial contours and improve skin integrity.

50mins, $155


Want a series? Inquire about packages we can customize for you to optimize your regular visits, including use of our red light chamber with oxygen to enhance your results.

SUMMER SERIES 2023 is also available now, which includes two facials and a cosmetic acu session.

Limited quantity available.


Below: Shaelin & Brooke sharing the fun at a recent event at The Wayback in Austin, Texas

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