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There's no need to dread a scar resulting from an incision or injury. You have options to treat your scars through Chinese medicine, both new ones and ones you've carried with you for a long time.

Acupuncture, facial cupping, and gentle guasha are some of the Chinese medicine tools I use to create rapid healing around an injury or incision. These treatments take the utmost care of your delicate skin, speeding healing so your scar is minimized, healing flat to the surface with minimal discoloration.

More recently, I've added microcurrent to rapidly heal scars, reduce inflammation and redness, and speed healing. It also works to reduce the symptoms of healing such as itching or tightness, helping to prevent adhesions.

The style of acupuncture for scars is specific, and is called 'surround the dragon'. This technique signals the body to heal the area in the direction of the needles. Redness and swelling are reduced, speeding healing. Usually only a few treatments are needed for recent scars, while older ones might take a bit longer - it depends on many factors. You might feel a very slight pinch, but it is not painful. I make sure the overall treatment is very relaxing.

Other modalities used for scar revision in my practice are facial cups, or larger cups for the body. This is a method that has been used for centuries to speed healing. By decompressing the area with suction cups, we are able to redirect fluid build-up and assist in flattening the area to create smoother healing. Placement of the cups depends on the nature of your incision - the cups might be further from the actual area to move fluids and encourage healthy blood flow.

Gentle guasha can also assist in healing. This movement increases circulation and moves fluids, including lymphatic fluid.

I have had great success with delicate incisions on the face, see the pic below. This patient had two incisions that were still red and puffy post surgery. After just one treatment, the area smoothed out and was markedly less red. She was super happy with the outcome of only a few treatments. I also utilized the Low Light Level LED Therapy by Celluma, shown to improve the rate of healing significantly. I love using the Celluma to reduce pain in new injuries while speeding healing. It also happens to treat wrinkles, so, win-win.

Lastly, I use organic skincare throughout the process. Kindred Skincare's Intense Moisturizer has been shown to be particularly healing where inflammation exists.

If you have a scar you would like to work on, give me a call or come by for a quick consultation to see if treatment is right for you!



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