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The Road is happy to partner with Kaita Mrazek for a new offering - FASCIA FLOSSING, with both one-one-one sessions and a group floor series for autumn called Earth Flow. Kaita has taken her expertise as a pilates and yoga instructor and expanded to working with the specialized connective tissue known as fascia. Her work explores movement through the elements of Chinese medicine, deepening the connection to all sessions available at The Road. Keep reading to see if fascia flossing is right for you, and how to book!

From Kaita ...

For over twenty years I have developed a deep understanding of how the body moves through studying a curation of movement disciplines, including dance, Pilates, fascial stretch techniques, yoga, and more.

I am an enthusiastic explorer of the human form. I help you identify and rectify imbalance in the body that keeps you from experiencing the joy of being embodied. I help you relieve tension, ease pain, untangle restriction, and connect to the spark within. Witnessing the cultivation of that deep relationship with your physical body is an honor I am grateful for every single day.

In our work together I want you to connect to what feels right, good, and needed. You learn to listen to the innate intuition that lives within. By creating a container that feels safe and grounded, but also curious and playful, you feel supported and confident in exploring your capabilities.

See below for sessions available with Kaita at The Road


So what is fascia? In technical terms, fascia is a highly conductive membrane made mostly of collagen that constitutes 60% of the body's volume, and connects all the body parts - it literally covers every aspect of our internal structure, holding organs, blood vessels, muscles, and nerve fiber in place, head to toe. It is a 3-D visco-elastic, temperature sensitive, highly organized crystal system with multiple layers and liquid hyaluronan between each layer. It also has semi-conductor, piezoelectric and photoelectric properties. This also comes into play when we look at how acupuncture works.

Fascia stabilizes your body structures and gives your body strength. It separates your muscles and eases muscle tension, and improves circulation - when it is functioning properly. When stressed or dehydrated, it tightens up, and can restrict movement, causing a variety of issues including pain and stiffness.


1:1 Session

1:1 sessions are designed to help you meet the individual needs of your body as we explore assisted movement through the lens of fascia and Chinese Medicine. Great for individuals who are looking to elevate their awareness, address a nagging problem or stubborn scar tissue, and for those who appreciate more individual attention. Like deep tissue work from the inside out.


55 minute sessions, $165

Room 101 at The Road

Wear comfy clothes you can stretch fully in

Need more information? Drop us a line at hello@thisistheroad.


A note from Brooke, founder of The Road

I have had painful fascia and tight muscles as long as I can remember, and I had been looking for a way to incorporate movement into the practice at The Road as I know what tends to hold my patients back as well. Kaita and I found each other through kismet - both looking for this fit. While trying to grow services around modalities that help my patients age well - with mobility and ease, I'm also keen to stay true to the roots of Chinese medicine. When I discovered Kaita works with the channels/meridians and speaks to the elements during her sessions, I could not wait to try it!

I had no idea what to expect with our one-on-one. I found Kaita to be instantly calming and professional, her years of experience guiding others was evident. I settled into the table and she got to work, dynamically moving my limbs along the way, exploring tightness and lack of tone (yeah I don't work out much these days), then having me apply slight counter pressure as she moved the limb through its course. I could not detect what she was sensing as the movement does not create stress/pain, but I could tell she could feel stuck spots and shifts as she worked it out. It all felt doable, nothing too strenuous, somehow productive, and I could detect when the muscle would reach fatigue. She noted a shift in my ankle - I did not feel it as it was happening, but I definitely noticed upon standing that my foot was different on the ground - cool! I felt much more 'open' in my chest, and somehow lighter all over.

The next day I felt slightly sore, like I had been to the gym. A day later, I felt a tad more sore, like I had used all the machines at the gym after a long absence - but in that glorious way of a good workout where you can still climb the stairs the next day. All I could think was I didn't want to lose momentum, this felt amazing, what should I do next. Kaita explained the options - I can see myself doing the occasional fine tuning of a one-on-one, but for sure I want to participate in the classes as we move through the seasons.

I hope you'll take advantage of this offering to give back to yourself!

See you there,



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