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There’s nothing like having heaps of strands of hair come out in your hands or hairbrush to create angst, as you start looking more closely in the mirror for signs of thinning, noticing the drain in the shower is clogged, or that the texture of your hair has changed. Or worse, is that my scalp? That wasn't there before! Whyyyy!?

There are many causes of hair loss, it’s best to get a proper diagnosis and find out if you have an imbalance in hormones, a deficiency in common vitamins or minerals, whether through dietary deficiencies or a disorder, or a genetic disorder is to blame.

Many causes are treatable with Chinese medicine, such as hair thinning after having kids, some types of alopecia, and general deficiencies from poorly assimilating nutrients from food, not to mention stress, which affects cortisol levels.

It’s said there are 30 million women suffering with hair loss in the US alone. Chinese medicine is often sought out when traditional treatments are deemed too harsh, create unwanted reactions, or do not work, but this medicine is an awesome first line of defense in hair loss for both men and women.

Treatments with TCM encourage regrowth of hair by re-establishing a healthy flow of qi and blood to the scalp. The Kidneys and Liver are assessed according to Chinese medicine to establish the treatment plan, which is usually multi-faceted.

In my practice, I often perform a relaxing/stimulating shoulder and scalp massage that is founded in Chinese tuina and Indian champissage to get the blood flowing, which is often sluggish to the scalp thanks to stress that binds up at the back of the neck or poor body mechanics.

I usually recommend blood building in your daily life for hair loss from deficiencies through adding bone broth and taking a good collagen supplement. I’ll review your supplements where deficiencies exist, like B12, Zinc, Iron, Omega 3s, and Biotin, and where you can find these in foods. Chinese herbs are also considered, especially He Shou Wu, an herb famous for helping with hair regrowth, as well as Gotu Kola, and Ginseng. Take care before adding He Shou Wu if you are already taking synthetic hormones to avoid stressing your liver. This herb can also increase unwanted hair growth, so more is not better!

I can create scalp massage oil blends to increase circulation. Adapted to the condition of your scalp, whether dry or oily, or if any other condition is present in the scalp, like seborrhea. You might have a blend of jojoba, borage seed, or grapeseed oils with essential oils of rosemary, lemon, thyme, peppermint and others, diffused with black pepperberries and a proprietary blend. These can be massaged into the scalp then rinsed a few times a week.

One other famous technique in Chinese medicine is the plum blossom - a small hammer that is gently tapped on affected areas to increase blood flow and stimulate a healing response. This technique can also discourage the presence of DHT in the scalp, one of the main contributors to hair loss. One study has shown a success rate of 80% for androgenic alopecia (1) and a 97% effectiveness rate for alopecia aureata in all genders (2). Once the tapping has been performed, it's best to treat the area with fresh ginger to further stimulate blood flow. This treatment is offered in conjunction with acupuncture to treat the root cause through Chinese medicine assessment.

Creating healthy hair requires an effort that includes localized treatment, acupuncture for your constitution, and lifestyle changes like scalp massage and knowing your areas of deficiency for the best outcomes. And a little bit of patience!

Come have a free consultation to see if Chinese medicine is for you!

See my separate blog on a before and after for thinning hair.

See you soon,


Provided for educational purposes. Always consult your doctor for serious health concerns or changes in your health, or before discontinuing your medications.


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