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Whether you've been long suffering or have an acute complaint, you most likely have options with acupuncture. (Oh, hey! Emergencies still go to the ER!) I refer to the holistic approach of Chinese Medicine a bit like peeling an onion. You might come in for pain in your back, have this be resolved, and wonder what else is possible to feel your best. And sometimes, we have to treat the most acute thing to work our way down to the core of your more ideal health.

If you've accepted aches and pains, sleepless nights, endless trips to the bathroom, sweating profusely, allergies and headaches, anxiety and depression, period pain, or even prematurely aging skin and breakouts as your new normal, I suggest you give acupuncture and Chinese medicine a try.

Your first appointment will include a thorough intake to establish a foundation for your treatment and care. This includes your history and a discussion of your concerns and health goals. Your questions will be answered to your satisfaction, and you'll then move on to the treatment. The boutique clinic is private - each treatment is 100% devoted to your care throughout. You'll be made comfortable, with each step explained along the way. There are several different options for treatment, yours will be customized according to your needs. The table is super comfy, warm, and you are draped unless you choose not to be (some of us run hot!). Most people take a little snooze at some point, and return very refreshed.

You can always book a complimentary consultation to discuss if acupuncture is right for you.

Visit often for updates through the blog. You can expect to see testimonials - acupuncture in action, how results are achieved, before and afters, and new products we're sharing, like supplements, herbs and skincare for healthy skin and hair. We'll also share how to incorporate bits and pieces of Chinese Medicine into your life through manageable steps.

I look forward to this journey with you on The Road to better health.


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