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Not all treatments have to have facial acupuncture to be effective. Nor do you need multiple sessions to begin seeing change.

Below, the Before & After of a 45 minute Facial Cupping session, just one treatment. The main issue to be addressed revolved around general revitalization. As we age, the skin thins due to hormonal changes. This can make it more difficult to remain looking and feeling hydrated, which in turn can make wrinkles and fine lines more prominent. The other factor here, a settling in of fluids. Lymphatic fluid tends to sit in the lower cheeks and around/above the eyes. With proper cupping technique, we can shift fluids, reshaping the face where puffiness exists, and bring out the best features again.

One reason this method is so effective is that the decompression of the tissue and skin into the cup draws blood upward into the surface of the skin, bringing nutrients, while removing stagnation.

Key to my treatment is moving the lymphatic below the face, in the axillary and décolletage. I also begin with an oil cleanse and steam towel to prepare the skin, followed by the proper hydration to provide slip for the cupping.

Skin is nourished, plump and re-contoured. With ongoing treatment, results build, creating lift and definition, while also preventing future wrinkles and sagging.

The results will last a while, though fluid tends to re-settle back where it started if no other interventions are taken, such as learning how to perform gua sha at home a few times a week.

Simple home care and occasional treatments can help you maintain and build on results with minimal effort!

Call me to see if facial cupping, guasha or facial acupuncture is right for you!



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