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Yoo-hooo! PSA on your skincare! Products made with botanical oils are lovely, but you shouldn’t treat them as so precious that you don’t actually go through them. In other words, don’t put them on a shelf to save for a rainy day. Oils degrade, and the higher the fat content in those healing oils, the more likely they will go ‘off'. And you really do not want to put rancid oils and oxidized ingredients on your skin.

Try using your nose! Essential oils evaporate over time and lose their strength, while the fatty carrier oils can actually turn. If you’re not used to smelling them, or if for some reason your sense of smell is not strong, rely the timelines of purchase/use and expiration dates, and purchase only what you can go through in a few months.

If the product has not been opened, store it in a cool dry spot rather than the humidity of your bathroom or in the sunlight. These products will hold for quite a while, sometimes a year, but double check the expiration date just in case. Once opened - enjoy it! This is also the only way to know if this product is working for you - consistent use.

Now would be a great time to check yourself for the quality of your products. Toss out any you’ve opened but haven’t used in a year, such as makeup or samples. Then work your way back through more recent purchases, store good product properly, and use them with joy. If they’re not right for your skin after all - Marie Kondo them and out they go!



Please do the same for these super important products for your overall health:

*SPF - expires!!





*Cooking oils


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