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One of the top questions people ask - if we achieve the results I'm looking for, how long will the results last? Will I morph back into my pre-acupuncture self if I stop getting treatments?

I'm going to walk you through a series of treatments for one patient and the timeline for these results.

I shared the before and after of Barbara some time ago, so let's revisit her now to see - has she relapsed, stayed the same, or continued to improve?

A side note - I always lay out expectations for improvement based on the intake - how is your current health, what is your lifestyle like, what is the condition of your skin, how do you care for your skin, are you committed to the treatments, including recommendations for herbal formulas and nutrition where appropriate? Once I understand the overall picture, I look at the root causes of your skin challenges.

Wrinkles might be caused by previous sun exposure, normal aging, a diet high in sugar, or a health challenge, Wrinkles are then interpreted in terms of Chinese medicine - where are they on the face, what organ systems might be involved, and elements of dryness, heat, cold, and so on.

Back to Barbara.

In the beginning, her request was non-specific - she just wanted to look younger. I evaluated her condition, and we began. It's very important to note, she was having Botox injections prior to our treatments, which she ceased weeks before I began.

Her concerns: wrinkle between the eyebrows and general sagging of skin.

What I see in her skin and face is more telling: inflammation in the skin, loss of elasticity leading to sagging, dullness, capillaries, and the lines in the forehead, between the eyebrows, and the neck. She is also puffy overall - retaining fluids in the face.

My assessment is not meant to be harsh - it is all just information to me - a way to interpret what is going on internally that is manifesting itself in her skin. So we set to work.

The initial changes are happening a few treatments in - you can see her neck is already much thinner as the puffiness is declining. She is starting to have some more firmness in her at the naso labial folds and marionette lines (side of the nose and mouth).

Interestingly, the line between her eyebrows is more prevalent now as the botox continues to wear off.

Shapes are shifting, but we have a ways to go!

At the end of twelve treatments, Barbara is much more the picture of health! Her eyes are more clear, her face is lifted, her 'elevens' are diminishing, puffiness is clearing - she looks as though she has lost weight, though she hasn't. Her mouth is lifted as well, with overall firmness improved.

Her actual health is also improved with treatment, which is reflected in her complexion.

And here's Barbara, months later. She sees me on a maintenance schedule to keep her results and health improving, once a month or less if she's traveling..

As you can see, true change takes time, but the results can be dramatic. She has stuck with it, and looks amazing. Her main original concern - the 'elevens' between the brows - is now gone, no Botox. Her face is more even, lifted, firm, less redness. Her neck looks much younger as well.

Her treatment has been multi-faceted, with a skincare regimen, acupuncture, low level light therapy, and herbs. She's a great example of a long term commitment.

Would she go backwards if she stopped seeing me? Not likely! She's made changes in her overall health and lifestyle. If she maintains these, and even does some of the things I teach for home care - using rose quartz guasha at home - she can do great. I still recommend coming in once a month or so to continue to stimulate collagen and move Qi and blood, as well as address any other health concerns.

One final note, we did a treatment for Barbara just for her eyes, watch for this in an upcoming blog.

Barbara has been so gracious to let me share her full journey, I am forever grateful for her willingness to let others see what it's like to go through acupuncture and Chinese medicine protocols for your health, wellbeing, and skin.

Ready to try it for yourself? Give me a call!




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