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Laura is a natural beauty with skin that's the envy of many (me included!) This is Laura after two treatments for facial rejuvenation. She has a little coverage on in the first pic, makeup free in the second. But we're not looking so much at her complexion as we are at her facial structure. (L: before, R: after)

She came to see me because we tend to lose volume in our face as part of the normal aging process. This looks different person to person, usually happening over time, creating a sunken appearance which kindof sneaks up on us, and can become even more pronounced with weight loss or in folks with very low body fat. These days it is often remedied in the plastic surgeon's office with syringes of Juvederm or even your own fat, filling in where there's a loss of collagen, fat, or muscle.

To help Laura avoid fillers, I took a multi-faceted approach. I wanted to address the barrier function of her skin and her slight dehydration, as well as the structure, so her results would last long term.

After assessing her head to toe relative to Chinese medicine, I got to work with acupuncture. She received constitutional needles to support the effort - addressing the Spleen/Stomach for lifting muscle and helping digestion make the most of nutrients from her diet, soothing the Liver to reduce stress - chronic stress can lead to inflammation that shows up in the skin. And Large Intestine - digestive issues can slow elimination from the skin.

I placed needles on the face to move qi and blood and stimulate collagen and elasticity - we won't see the full results of this effort for at least 30 to 45 days, so consistency is key in this aspect of the treatment. She will have a glow in one treatment however! Some needles will provide instant lift, some will release tension in the jaw area. And I use very tiny needles to stimulate the skin in areas of dehydration, encouraging better function to keep the skin in balance and treat fine lines.

Skincare recommendations were limited because she already had a good routine. One change we made that seemed to make a big difference was shifting her to the Kindred Skincare system of using an oil cleanser. We both noticed her skin seemed to retain more moisture and a reduction in fine lines from dehydration. With the addition of guasha and facial cupping, we've created a strong jawline and lifted cheeks. Her eyes are bright and lifted as well, as soon as a couple of treatments in.

I recommend the Kindred SPF to prevent future damage or loss of collagen. The light coverage means you can just lightly still see her beautiful freckles, but she has much less chance of developing sun damage or melasma.



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