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The power of one treatment!

Here's what to know about Kirsten and her treatment.

She recently turned 50.

Up until now, she's mostly relied on some skincare and botox to age gracefully. Lately though, she's opted out of botox. Once a few lines started to appear, she decided to see if facial acupuncture can address not only the 'elevens', but also newly developed grooves at the nasolabial fold. These can happen as we age and we experience collagen loss. They can also appear more prevalent with weight loss, or a health issue.

Like most people, her face also has some slight differences in how it is aging when you compare the left side to the right side. This can be for many reasons, from habits, to sleep patterns and even heredity.

The main before and after shown compares her left side. Can you see the major differences? The groove is minimized, her forehead lines and 'eleven's' are minimized, her face has a more youthful shape, and her eye area lines are reduced. She is newly hydrated.

Her chief complaint on the day was the groove to the side of the mouth up to the nose. A groove to the side of the mouth is commonly called a marionette line, while the one further up the face between the cheek and nose is the nasolabial fold. In Kirsten's case, it's a bit of both.

A common way to treat this in the dermatologist's office is with fillers. While approved for use as an injectable, it is not everyone's first choice to have a foreign substance inserted into their face, even if it is considered a natural substance like hyaluronic acid. They do have to be maintained over time, and they are expensive. Especially when done in conjunction with botox in the same treatment. There are also side effects in some cases, such as not dissolving as intended over time, creating small nodules; I have seen patients with older fillers that have 'floated' out of place, creating a whole new issue. Probably rare, but please thoroughly consider all the possible outcomes.

The main reason I ask that you try facial acupuncture first is that I will be addressing the actual function and health of the skin. So while the fillers might plump that area, the integrity of the skin is unchanged, your health that supports your skin is unchanged, and systems that support your skin have not been addressed.

Kirsten's treatment was very minimal - she only had two points on her body for balancing - known as Two Gates, a combination of LI4 and LV3. I placed two needles in the area of her 'eleven's', the lines between the eyebrows, and one on each side of her forehead.

Then I placed a series of tiny needles along the groove of her nasolabial fold. And she rested with the LED light therapy as this encourages collagen production. After about 15 minutes, the needles were removed, I hydrated her skin with Kindred Skincare, and performed facial cupping and facial guasha. The whole treatment lasted about an hour.

As always, how long this will last depends on many factors - home care, contributing factors to her making this face (stress, habit management), but this most definitely has a cumulative effect with ongoing treatment.

Questions about facial rejuvenation with acupuncture?

Drop me a line or give me a call!



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