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Let's begin with one simple principle and go from there. The nature of 'receiving'. Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves, is to do less, and let others do for us. If you've been to my practice, you know we think of all of our treatments as part of a sensory experience, from the aromas to the textiles to sound and light. Then, we let the needles do the talking. Now imagine all of that healing goodness, but with you unplugged, away from the chaos. What is your initial reaction? Relief? Ahhhh? FUN! Or does tension arise when you explore the possibility - what would it feel like to let go of the cycle of doing more for a bit - everyone needs me, it will all fall apart if I take a minute for myself? I assure you, it will not :) Keep burning through your Qi without replenishing yourself (hello Kidneys, Jing and Essence!)? That's a more sure fire way to eventually hit a wall. For now it might look like anxiety, impatience, irritability, overwhelm, sadness. Some are doing find and dandy, which is awesome. You will still learn some amazing life skills and enjoy a lovely reset from being in this healing zone. 

Ready to save your spot? Scroll down to claim a room with your deposit!

This retreat was created for all of us to take a beat and let the healing modalities of The Road and The Desert Canary help the nervous system 
recalibrate to one that looks more like this: in your body, present, able to feel grounded again, less frenetic, enervated. Remembering you are enough, as is. The 'back in body' you returns feeling more equipped to manage the chaos of daily life these days. It helps you feel better about navigating life. We're bringing our experts with us to provide you with acupuncture, cupping therapy, massage, lymphatic therapy, sound bath therapy, meditation, and more. The swag bags alone are worth the trip :) 

Some of our breakout sessions will focus on giving you skills and rituals to lean on in daily life, from how our emotions impact our face, to sound and our own DNA, embracing nature for wellbeing, or learning to sense the 'waters' of our own body and improve lymphatic movement. We'll also have cool collateral goods for you to work with at your own pace. 

What about community? This is also a choose your own adventure. After being there myself (and being an introvert, needing time to myself), I found the property well suited to moving through the week with a perfect mix of community, and peaceful downtime. We will gather for meals, and the morning session is group - there is something to be said for moving energy as a group - think Tai Qi or Qi Gong in a park - the group all benefits from this collective movement. On the other side of the coin, the hammocks are within ear shot of waves, in the shade. I imagine you will have ebbs and flows of how you choose to spend your time. 

How is your time allotted? The feedback from those in the know planning retreats is make sure you give plenty of flexibility around free time. Yes, you will have therapies (and can book more on your own accord), but we want you to have access to activities, or feel completely at ease simply lounging on a chaise poolside with a local juice and snack. So we're here for you, but please harness the nature of the retreat and just unplug. 

The eco-friendly retreat is quiet, but for the waves and wildlife. It can take getting used to, but even more reason to attend - if you have forgotten what nature sounds like, a stunning sunset looks like, or the sound of waking to birds instead of an alarm, you should feel a pull to make it to this retreat.

This gathering is purposely close knit as far as the number of people going. We have solo seekers, friends, and mother-daughter pairs looking to re-connect. We would impart a sense of urgency to put your deposit down for the room of your choice, mostly so we can then look at an airline ticket before rates go up. 

Questions? We're here for you!

Thank you for the opportunity to host you in the amazing retreat space of Salvatierra. We are so looking forward to it!
Brooke and The Team 


Our purpose is to provide an experience that encourages you to feel like your authentic self, removed from the chaos of daily life, a chance to just be.


Transformation in this environment is enabled by the therapies you have come to know and love at The Road & The Desert Canary, along with new experiences, including from local resources.



Salvatierra is located on the beach, in a blue zone, with eco-friendly designed cabinas. Two salt water pools are also on the property.


There are two types of cabinas - beach, and jungle. All are created mindfully with raw materials, handmade wooden furniture, no AC as the buildings are designed to promote natural air flow and optimal health. Minimal light pollution, no screens on site (try to limit your phone use to take advantage of unplugging). Look up to spot wildlife such as monkeys and iguanas.

A large space for yoga and sound baths in the morning, open family style dining with locally grown ingredients, and excursions available for exploring the surrounds of Costa Rica. 

See FAQs below for more details!



A Day On Retreat Time

The daily rhythm is customized for you to explore at your own pace. Activities are available as a group, then breakout sessions for individual treatments. We will gather together for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as small sessions led by team members.

As we explored how to schedule your opportunities for treatments, the overwhelming feedback from those in the know was not to overbook you - allowing you plenty of time to just be, or explore. During your visit, two treatments are complimentary, there are several group experiences for you to learn new skills (face massage, lymphatic self care, etc). You might book further sessions as you like at our retreat rate.


This is a sample of a day in the life.

6:30am - meet in yoga shala

Gentle movement, meditation, and sound bath

8:00am - 10am, Breakfast

Locally sourced breakfast prepared

9am - 12pm

Individual Treatments, Rest, Explore

12:30pm, Lunch

Gather for lunch, community

2:00pm - 5pm, Free Time

Poolside, activity, scheduled retreat excursions

5pm - 6pm, Team Led Activity

Learning a new skill, meditation, technique to improve

your health & wellbeing

6pm or so

Sunset, Free Time, Horseback Ride if Booked

7:30pm, Dinner

Gather for dinner, community.

During your five-day stay with us, we provide private sessions for our guests. On your first day, you may opt to relax, read, swim, or take a walk to explore the surroundings.

The following day begins with a morning movement and sound bath session, followed by a possible treatment and lunch.

On days when you do not have a scheduled treatment session, we offer other sessions where you can learn something new.

Throughout your stay, we will also introduce techniques such as face massage or gua sha, lymphatic massage for self-care, meditation, and other similar experiences that you can continue to practice even after leaving our retreat.

The outcome is you unplugged, feeling back in your body, more like yourself, less innervated, and ready to do life again.

acupuncture | fire cupping | lymphatic massage | facial sessions | body massage



Our ten Cabina Rooms are located right off the beach with beautiful views of the water. Every room has a private bathroom with either an indoor or outdoor shower. Rooms range from single, double, to triple occupancy. Each room has an overhead fan and screened-in windows. Towels, linens, wardrobe space, and a desk are included.



Our Jungle Rooms are the most secluded options with views of the expansive nature that surrounds the property. Every room has a private bathroom with either an indoor or outdoor shower. Rooms can be modified for single, double, or triple occupancy. Each room has an overhead fan and screened-in windows. Towels, linens, wardrobe space, and a desk are included.



Our Main House provides the private infinity pool, and a wrap-around deck. Located on the hill above the cabinas, the main house has outstanding views, where we can gather for many of the activities and therapeutic sessions.

Rooms cleaned daily

Onsite maintenance staff

24/7 security

Kitchen staff onsite from 6 am – 9 pm daily


Cabinas by the beach have beautiful views of the water. Rooms each have a private bathroom with either an indoor or outdoor shower. Overhead fans and screened in windows provide airflow.


Cabina - Private Single

One Guest in a private Costa Rica King Cabina

Single Occupancy $5375 per person


Cabina - Shared Double

Two Guests 1 Full & Costa Rica King Cabina

Ideal for Friends/Don’t Mind Sharing

Double Occupancy $4775 per person


Cabina - Shared Twin

Two Guests 1 Twin Beds

Ideal for Close Friends

Double Occupancy $4075 per person


Cabina - Shared Triple

Three Guests - 1 Full & 2 Twins

Three Friends Who Want to Bunk Together

Triple Occupancy $3875 per person


Cabinas by the beach have beautiful views of the water. Rooms each have a private bathroom with either an indoor or outdoor shower. Overhead fans and screened in windows provide airflow.


Jungle Room 1 - Private Single

One Guest, 1 Full Bed

Single Occupancy $3975 per person


Jungle Room 2 - Private Single

One Guest, 1 Full Bed

Single Occupancy $3975 per person


Jungle Room 3 - Shared Double

Two Guests - 2 Twin Beds

Ideal for Close Friends

Double Occupancy $3775 per person


  1. What is the cost? 

    1. This is completely dependent on the room you choose! When you click the link above to 'reserve', you will pick your perfect layout - how many beds, and location of the room (jungle v beach). ​

    2. Your deposit of $500 will hold your space and chosen room. Let us know if your plans change and you want a different room set up (friends joining you, etc). Deposits are non-refundable, but, we will try to book your spot if we can, and then refund your deposit. 

    3. See below for what is included, and what is extra based on how you want to spend your time. 

    4. Flights - we will post optimal flight options, then it is up to you to sort your travel. There is a fee for transferring from the airport to the retreat - this will vary on how many we can group together, versus solo transport, but it should be anywhere from $50 (group)  to $280 (1 person), less on the one hour drive versus the 3 hour transport.

  2. Where do I fly into? 

    1. Fly from your local airport to SJO (Juan Santamaría International Airport), you will take a puddle jumper on either Costa Rica Green or Sansa to Cobano IATA:  ACO. From Cobano you will taken in a shuttle to Salvatierra.

  3. What activities are included in the retreat program?

    1. We have curated experiences to expand on those you are familiar with, and some are still under development. You have the opportunity to join movement sessions, sound baths, massage, and lymphatic massage along with new instruction/exploration for self-massage, facial therapies, and TCM body therapies like cupping. Two hands-on therapeutic sessions are included in the cost. A calendar will be provided for you to choose any additional therapies you would like to add to your experience beyond what is provided. The resort also provides extra activities you can sign up for at their cost, such as horseback riding, paddle boarding, hiking to waterfalls, and more.

  4. Can I customize my experience to fit my retreat wellness goals?

    1. You will be provided a calendar to opt in to the therapies you find most relevant to your experience, whether group or solo. Most of our activities by The Road revolve around receiving.

  5. What type of accommodations are available and what amenities do they include?

    1. The eco-friendly casitas vary from beachside to jungle, they are intentionally minimalist to allow you to reduce chaos and immerse yourself in the quiet surroundings. They are modern, with minimal light pollution and natural air flow (no AC!).  

  6. Are meals provided? What dietary options are available?

    1. At Salvatierra in Costa Rica, the cuisine is delicious, healthy, locally sourced, and organic when possible. Most meals include fresh tropical fruits and vegetables that are organically produced at Salvatierra. When purchasing outside of the estate, the chefs always prioritize local organic products. Therefore, by buying locally Salvatierra is helping the local Costa Rican community. Vegetarian meals, vegan options, gluten-free alternatives, and seafood options are provided to all students and are included in the cost. Participants who have special dietary requirements are encouraged to let us know in advance as we will do our best to accommodate them.

  7. Are there any workshops or classes focused on mindfulness, meditation, or stress reduction?

    1. Workshops for reducing stress include sound baths, gentle somatic movement,  and learning our own gifts with the providers. Some providers are also yoga instructors, so we can do sun salutations together if it suits us. Meditation will be provided relative to our surrounds - the water. 

  8. Are there opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, yoga, or swimming?

    1. The resort provides multiple opportunities to explore - you will be guided to arrange these activities directly with their concierge. These activities are not included with your package so that you can customize your journey. Activities include horseback riding, SUP, surfing, hiking to waterfalls, a local butterfly farm, and more. You will receive info on these and a way to book your time. Some require a minimum sign-up of at least 3 or more.

  9. What kind of wellness practitioners or experts will be leading sessions?

    1. Some of our practitioners will be familiar, and some will be new to you but are hand-picked for the healing experiences they provide. This is a TCM focused retreat, so we will speak to meridians and energetic principles of TCM. 

  10. Can I book private sessions during the retreat?

    1. You will be provided a calendar to select private sessions beyond the two sessions included in your package, at a special rate. This allows you to further customize your experience. These are first-come first- first-serve, but we will endeavor to make sure you are getting the experiences you prefer. This is why we are keeping the number of guests to a minimum, to increase your opportunities. 

  11. Is there free time scheduled for personal relaxation and exploration?

    1. Because you will be provided a calendar to schedule your sessions, we definitely encourage you to make sure to build in quiet time to swim in one of the salt-water pools, read, nap in a quiet afternoon rain, and so on.

  12. How can I continue my wellness journey after the retreat ends?

    1. You are now part of a community created through this experience. We look forward to creating a wellness journey that expands beyond this trip curated for you.

  13. What extra costs will I incur, what is included with my full payment? 

    1. Costs included: room​, all meals, juices/tea/coffee/snacks, two hands on sessions with our practitioners, additional group activities, sound baths, and daily goodies/swag from our vendors. 

    2. Additional Costs: your airfare and transfer, some beverages such as beer/wine, and excursions arranged by the resort. Some dollars might be spent in the transfer stage from airport to the retreat if you stop for a beverage. A card can be kept on file with the retreat for incidentals arranged through them, such as the excursions. 


Don't see an answer to your question? 
Email us at or call us and we'll answer for you! 


Brooke & The Road Team 

Alina, Event Concierge




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